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IT Consulting

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a partnership with someone who knew how to make your IT work harder for you? Our vCIO will tell you how you can boost your productivity through your technology.

Cloud Computing & Virtualization - Denver, Aurora, Glendale

Cloud & Virtualization

When your technology is delivered via the Internet you’ll free up office space, lower costs and enhance collaboration. And running fewer servers means using less electricity so you’ll be greener too!

Business Continuity

Are your data backups adequate? How prepared are you to face a disaster? We’ll look after your crucial data and devise a plan that will have you up and running again in the event of data loss.

Voice & Communication Solutions - Denver, Aurora, Glendale

Voice & Communications

Now even small businesses can communicate efficiently and affordably with tailor-made telephony systems that keep you and your employees connected to the people that matter most: your clients.

There’s no good time to suffer from downtime. Make every day a productive one with proactive IT service and support delivered throughout the Denver Metro area.

What are you looking for in an IT services provider? Someone who will just fix your computers when they break? A per-hour contractor who only cares about getting paid? Or a trusted partner that will keep your systems running and support your business as it strives to meet its strategic goals? Someone who takes a proactive approach to your technology? Perhaps a little human intelligence behind your computers and monitors?

Managed IT Services - Denver, Aurora, Glendale

At CMIT Denver we promise to:

  • Defend your network, protect your data, eliminate chaos, and empower your team to be more productive
  • Stand with you through thick and thin to ensure all your technology runs smoothly
  • Take care of you, your employees, and your systems
  • Solve problems before they happen to keep you productive and efficient

If you never had to worry about IT again, how would that transform the way you do business? Do you want to deal with the chaos of cloud, mobility, and unresponsive technology? Or do you want a technology company you can actually count on - one that worries about IT so that you don’t have to?

We understand how annoying it is when work stops or slows down due to glitches or problems. Thats why we’re offering you 2 hours of computer support - for FREE. Use these 2 hours to solve nagging computer problems (or emergencies) without paying a dime. Even better - there are no strings attached. And that’s a promise.

Why are we giving away FREE support?

You might think we’re crazy and we know some people might take advantage but we know most small and medium-sized business owners are honest people just trying to find someone they can trust. And although WE know we offer the Denver area’s most reliable, rapid and responsive IT support we don’t believe you should pay to find that out. We don’t assume everyone who takes up our offer of free support will become a customer, but we know that many will join the rest of our loyal clients.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery - Denver, Aurora, Glendale

“I can't think of any business issues we’ve had that CMIT hasn’t been able to cover. I think they probably have provided service above and beyond what I would have expected, and I think I made a comment to them about a year ago saying that I felt like we weren't paying them enough!”

Jennifer Blundel,
Vice President, Colchester Partners

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Email & Spam Protection - Denver, Aurora, Glendale

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We deliver enterprise-class solutions with high-quality service at a price your accountant will love. Contact us today to find out more about the CMIT promise.

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