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Having worked with and supported various Law Firms in Denver metro and nationwide, we are confident in claiming Legal Services as our territory. During our tenure, we have served a number of Law Firms and have tremendous experience from serving special needs in the industry. CMIT Solutions of Denver is a contributing and active member of the local ALA chapter. We’re also experienced with a variety of technology tools and best practices for this arena including PC Law, Timeslips, Time Matters, Amicus, and more.
Computer IT Support for Lawyers and Law Firms - Denver, Aurora, Glendale

With other IT service providers, we felt that we only got assistance when we requested it, and we normally came up with any ideas for improvements on our system rather than them. I was not impressed with the service, the communication or the end product at that point. Our experience has really set CMIT and Sue and John who run the show for them here apart from the others. They are more attentive, more accessible, more knowledgeable.

McConnell & Pellegrini

Your firm faces unique technology challenges: attorneys need 24/7 access to their files and information, ease of filing motions and cases electronically, and quick access to files for last minute reference. Document management and communication software must be properly integrated to offer maximum speed and reliability, and your firm’s network must maintain uptime and high level performance for all types of computer users. Your attorneys need to have their technology working for them while in court too for this is no small matter. CIOs are always searching to improve the communication systems where sharing of information among project participants, including documents, pictures, and plans, can be easy for participants regardless of location and we work with or as your virtual CIO to make things happen.

Keep focused on your clients and billable hours. CMIT Solutions understands the technology tools to make your business thrive.

Here’s how CMIT Denver can help:

  • Protect confidentiality and security of electronic files
  • Ensure all software packages on your network work well together.
  • Improve communication systems.
  • Maintain your computer network and keep it stable and secure
  • Be your vendor liaison and manager with your software and peripheral hardware vendors

At CMIT Solutions, we believe that your success is our success. We proactively maintain your network and systems just as an in-house IT team would, and are always there for you when you need us. With flat-rate IT service and support, you can finally take the focus off your technology and put it back on what really matters. And, if your firm has internal IT support, we have a strong history of solid working relationships with the internal IT so they are pulled out of the day-to-day reactive part of technology.

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