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Let us support your technology, so you can support your mission.

At CMIT Solutions of Denver, we understand that running a non-profit organization in today's fast-paced business environment requires reliable technology products, service and support. Whether you are a c3 or c6 or something in between, we understand your needs, goals and frustrations. In fact, we have supported several organizations of all sizes for many years which gives us greater insights and interaction within the non-profit community. We are very well versed in helping our non-profit clients in managing their software licensing and other opportunities for qualifying non-profit organizations which has saved them thousands of dollars and increased their productivity.

That's why we provide cost-effective, dependable IT solutions that give you the power to make the most out of limited resources - allowing you to focus on prospective donors and serving your mission. Our flat rate and proactive technology support and management of our non-profit clients has contributed to their business stability. Regardless of the size of your staff and organization, CMIT Denver is here to be your technology partner.

If an unreliable computer network is causing you to miss out on opportunities and draining your budget, the experts at CMIT are here to help.

Computer IT Support for Non-Profits & Associations - Denver, Aurora, Glendale

"We recognized that our IT needs had clearly outgrown our ability to support them with internal staff. There were a number of issues that required action and the necessary resources were not available...with CMIT we have been able to address our needs and significantly improve our IT environment."

Dave Busenbark,
Chief Financial Officer,
Bayaud Enterprises

CMIT can support your organization by:

  • Microsoft license trained to take advantage of non-profit licensing to save thousands of dollars for your non-profit organization.
  • Increasing productivity amongst your staff and volunteers at your primary and branch/remote offices.
  • Making sure your software packages work seamlessly together.
  • Ensuring your computer network acts as a solid foundation for your association.

At CMIT, we believe that your success is our success. We proactively maintain your network and systems just as an in-house IT team would, and are always there for you when you need us. With flat-rate IT service and support, you can finally take the focus off your technology and put it back on what really matters. And, if your organization has internal IT support, we have a strong history of solid working relationships with the internal IT so they are pulled out of the day-to-day reactive part of technology.

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